Tips Your Mama Didn't Tell You / by Lena Chavez

I come from a Mother who wears makeup. She is the beautiful, natural type of makeup wearer. When I first started working in the beauty industry, I asked her if she'd like for me to get her any specific makeup. Her reply was, "Brown eyeshadow please." The first thing out of my mouth was, "But Mama, your eyelids are already brown..." she immediately responded to me saying my full name loudly and telling me she actually has been wearing brown eyeshadow every single day of my life...hence the beautiful natural type. I couldn't believe it! So I got her the brown eyeshadow and have since introduced her to different colors and makeup techniques. Of course she has taught me quite a few tips and tricks along the way as well.  


Now, it is part of my job to teach the tips and tricks I've learned over the years. To help to empower you!  I'll fill you in on a few tips I think you'll benefit from the most.

First of all, take care of your skin. If you don't your makeup will not look as good (I like a natural looking face makeup) as it has the potential to. Make it a ritual for yourself. Night and morning. At night think of the dirt and car exhaust you've walked through just by walking a short distance down the street or from your car to work or school. That stays on your skin until you clean it off. Not to mention the makeup you've worn that day and the oil your skin has naturally produced. You don't want to go to sleep with all that on your face, smear it on your pillow and rest in it all night...hello, that's the perfect recipe for pimples. So cleanse, moisturize your face and use eye cream. If you're like me then you like to use a bit of concealer under your eyes. If that area isn't hydrated the concealer will look dry and flaky. In the morning you can splash some water on your face or cleanse it again if you feel oily.

Next tip, this shocks some people, you need to replace your mascara every six weeks! The reason why is because bacteria builds up in that tiny little magical tube that helps to enhance your eyelashes. Also, when your mascara is old it flakes down onto your face when you wear it. Not cute.

This final tip is a big one for me. I get clients all the time talking about how a certain mascara or eyeliner smudges. Well, guess what. It's probably not the product. This is why. Do you use eye cream? It's probably getting too close to your eye. Apply it to the top part of your orbital bone, pictured below, and just a tiny bit during the day.


What will happen is the eye cream will move on your skin, so applying it to the orbital bone is sufficient for during the day. Now at night time, you can use a little more eye cream and get it closer to your lashes. Using eye cream will also help your under eye concealer from looking dry and flakey because the skin under your eyes will be hydrated.

Now you have a few tips to use so your makeup won't end up looking like this...

OK I know that's a bit much, but you know what I'm saying! Until next time my friends.

Fearlessly yours, Lena