Wendy K. Yalom / by Lena Chavez

Wendy and I met several years ago when she was a model for a yoga shoot up in the Marin headlands. I was doing makeup. We stayed in contact via social media and I started working with her shortly after. Wendy is an international leader in personal branding photography and has since been featured in the N.Y. Times among other notable publications. It's been such a pleasure and blessing being able to witness such dedication to her craft, talent, her creative process and meet so many other inspiring women along the way. My personal branding portfolio is all Wendy's work. I've had the opportunity not only to work with her in the greater S.F. Bay Area but also in New York, N.Y. and Miami, Fl. Here's a snapshot of us after completing the last of four days in Miami in December 2014.

The most recent time I did her makeup and hair was for her very own personal branding photo shoot with the talented Robin Clark in S.F. Here's a behind the scenes, in action shot!





Below is one of my favorite images from that day, which was her birthday. It was a rainy day in December 2014, the best part was that it literally stopped raining during the times we were outside shooting. Talk about Divine intervention!

Fun fact: she also did my engagement and wedding photography! 

See you soon guys! 

XOX, Lena