A Soolip Wedding / by Lena Chavez

Back in February 2012 I participated in A Soolip Wedding event at the Bentley Reserve in San Francisco. The gorgeous, grand, captivating venue in the financial district. I was asked to represent Laura Mercier at the Nordstrom bridal suite booth. Part of that was to be on an expert panel. I was with Andrea Wasserman the Nordstrom National bridal director and Jin Wang, a local bridal dress designer. The three of us were to speak to an audience of about fifty brides.

In the weeks leading up to the expert panel I was super excited and honored I would get to share my knowledge with such a large audience at once. Thank goodness I took that speech class in college. When it was finally our turn to go on stage I couldn’t feel my arm. A little nervous. I hate to admit that, I’m just being real. I just kept smiling and breathing. Paying attention to the questions and trying to act normal and comfortable. I felt like I was on Oprah! All the fancy lighting, the video cameras, the host with the microphone, and us speaking into the mic. Jin was inspiring. She had the type of relaxed energy as if we were in her living room. I think she rubbed off on me a little because I did hold it together pretty well.

The host asked me how to keep makeup looking fresh all day. It all starts with skincare. Taking care of your skin is 75% of your makeup looking good. Using a primer and a loose setting powder with a puff to set your makeup are a couple of the key steps to ensure the longevity of your makeup. A primer helps to lock in your skin care and helps prevent your makeup from going into your pores. The setting powder helps it to last until you’re actually ready to take it off. These are a couple steps to a long wearing makeup look.

Another subject I spoke to was about having a makeup trial, or as I call it a "preview session". It is very important to have a preview session for your wedding day makeup. Not only to try the makeup look and figure out the best style for you but also to meet your makeup artist and see if you two are a good match. After all, you will be sharing a part of your special day with this person.

One of the other questions I was asked is if I saw any bridal makeup trends. I recommend thinking twice about trying anything trendy on the day of your wedding. Think about the photos that will be going down in your family history. Do you really want to look back and see a turquoise eyeshadow? I’ve learned classic and timeless is where it is for bridal makeup, maybe with a little twist. It also comes down to your personal style too. Take the little things and expert opinions into consideration for an amazingly memorable wedding day experience. 

Here's a link to the view the interview  here, which is about 21 minutes or catch my segments at 6:10 and at 14:37! Enjoy! 

XOX, Lena